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Meryl Levin & Will Kanteres

PRIMARILY NEW HAMPSHIRE celebrates the young politicos who dedicated a year of their lives to working on the Presidential Primary in New Hampshire during the 2004 campaign season. In an age of multi-million-dollar media blitzes, 24-hour news cycles, and highly paid image consultants, the intensive campaign undertaken by these uniquely inspired political activists may be the best remaining example of democracy in action.

New Hampshire's renowned first-in-the-nation primary—the traditional kick-off of the Presidential campaign season — doesn't unfold in a single day or even in a few weeks. In fact, it is a yearlong experience. The co-authors of PRIMARILY NEW HAMPSHIRE spent 12 months utilizing their unique, unbridled access to document the characters and culture of Presidential campaigns, visually — through Levin's photographs — and verbally — through Kanteres' observations and the staffers' own words. Rarely are we afforded such a candid and unfiltered view of what it's like to work behind the scenes keeping our democracy alive.

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