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Staffing the Senator at events like that is great. You hear what he is saying to everyone, how he works the room. It's about as retail as it gets. It is tiring though, even for me, I imagine it must be very hard on him sometimes. People are amazed at how personable and charming he is one-on-one. He is a pretty cool guy — alpha male all the way — it is hard not to like him.

Moving him through the crowd, can be tough. He wants to answer everyone's questions but he also wants to meet all 100 people in the room and it is hard to do that in 2 hours, let alone, one. Lots of people will ask him three or four questions in a row when they meet him...they think this is their big chance and they are never going to see him again so better ask now!!!

—Theo Yedinsky, May 2003
NH Political Director, Kerry Campaign

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